Let Go and Let Amida

Our rebirth in Amida’s Western Pure Land of Bliss has nothing whatsoever to do with any merit or virtue of our own. Were this the case, then we would not require the Vow at all, for we would have successfully extricated ourselves from this Samsaric merry-go-round tens of lifetimes ago. Think about it: Amida built […]

Shinjin Has Always Been Yours

Sit. Settle the mind on the Lord of Infinite Life and Light. See Him seated on His throne, formed of red and white lotus petals — the white for the bodhi mind, the red speaking of ‘hrdaya’, which is the original blessing of compassion, wisdom and virtue with which all sentient beings are endowed. The […]

The Light that None Can Hinder

Amida Buddha shines to all corners of the universe. His light is All-Pervading. Distance cannot cause it to dim, time does not make it fade. There is no darkness that can overwhelm it. No boundary can hedge it in. This light is limitless, immeasurable, infinite, blazing beyond even our own universe and illuminating countless other […]

Amida’s Compassion is Unequalled

I had not known compassion, Amida, Until I received Yours; Directed towards me across kalpas of time, To bestow this great Shinjin gift On me, a bombu, a spiritual dunce, A Samsaran vagabond condemned To roam the Halls of Suffering For lifetime after lifetime, but…. But You took my feet And placed them on Your […]

Look to the Pure Land Light behind the Clouds

Do not believe your fears, anxieties, or allow yourself to be troubled by them. They are only clouds that pretend to hide the sun. Acknowledge them without attachment, and bid them farewell, setting your face toward the Pure Land, from where you are endlessly wrapped in the compassion of Amida’s Infinite Light. (picture credit: nembutsuart.wordpress.com)

The Cry of A Thankful Heart

‘If when I attain Buddhahood, sentient beings in the lands of the ten quarters who sincerely and joyfully entrust themselves to me, desire to be born in my land, and call my Name, even ten times, should not be born there, may I not attain perfect Enlightenment….’ ~~ The Larger Sutra What is the impetus […]

The Primal Vow is No Empty Promise

Having realised how incapable we are, we have thrown ourselves on the grace of Amida Buddha, fully trusting in the salvific fulfilment of the Primal Vow. And here is the point, that Dharmakara’s 18th vow is no empty promise. We can all resolve to do many things differently next week, or next year, only to […]